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Big Midtown Projects Update-o-Rama: Still Slow Going!

The Farley Post Office to Moynihan Station transition may have been taken off life support when Eliot Spitzer was crowned, but since then the constant back-and-forth of the proposals have been buried in the linkage dump. No longer, at least for today. The most current vision included building two towers on the site of the current Madison Square Garden (which would be rebuilt on the Ninth Avenue side of Moynihan), but now the Post reports that the Empire State Development Corp., Vornado and Related have dropped the tower plans. Instead, the 4.5 million square feet of office space will be, um, "sprinkled" around the neighborhood. Yeah, we're not sure how that's going to work either.

It was a busy day for the Empire State Development Corp., which also issued a statement on another Spitzer albatross, the Javits Center expansion. The holdup on the ridiculously delayed Javits plan has to do with, obvs, money. A new porposal was due this summer, but now it's been pushed back to, well, that's not clear exactly. The Sun quotes the ESDC chairman as saying, "It is clear that Javits will require more money than has been expected." By the way, it was expected to cost $1.8 billion, so apparently the new Javits Center will be constructed entirely out of diamonds and cocaine.
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