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Battle for 'La Marqueta de Williamsburg' Continues

The Red Hook vendors have gotten a lot of ink this summer, but another group working in the Moore Street Market in Williamsburg could be finished. The city's Economic Development Corp. wants to shut down the market, aka La Marqueta de Williamsburg, and build housing. After some local uproar, the vendors got until June '08 to negotiate a settlement. amNY profiles the market today and notes that "Many in the neighborhood see the battloe as a last stand against the rising tide of gentrification." There are 15 vendors paying $19 a square foot a month at the market, which is at Moore and Humboldt Streets. The vendors have called a plan to move them to the nearby Williamsburg Houses "insulting." It's one of four markets that remain from the group that Fiorella LaGuardia opened in 1941. More to come.
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[Photo courtesy of Sam Horine/Food of the Future]