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Revealed: Harlem's W Condo-Hotel in All its Terrifying Glory

Harlem, buckle up, this one may hurt a little. The above rendering popped up on a real estate developer's website and was passed on by a tipster. The site is Frederick Douglas Boulevard and 124th Street, long rumored to become a new hotel in Starwood's empire. Indeed, the description pegs it as an Aloft condo-hotel, part of the W brand, but here's where we went wrong. The carriage house at 264 West 124th Street that was converted to lofts sits in the middle of the lot, and we assumed the smaller chunk of land next to the carriage house would become a hotel parking lot of sorts. Wrong! They're building this sucker around the carriage house. Holy shit, look at that thing! Part of us thinks this is a parody?perhaps the work of Riviera Real Estate, but yeesh. To those who wanted their Harlem gentrified, woo boy, did you get it.
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