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CurbedWire: Endless Libeskind Speculation, IM Pei's Price Gets Hiked, Bank of America on Broadway

[Photo courtesy Downtown Pearl/flickr]
GRAMERCY?The speculation continues about the possible location of a Daniel Libeskind building on Madison Avenue, if at all. An informed tipster emails to pour water on the idea, writing "It's a good theory, but only that. There are actually 2 bldgs on 1 block and lot at 1 Madison; there really is no '5' Madison Ave. Type it into the BIS and you'll see what I mean. The tower (50 stories) and the Credit Suisse building (14 stories). Neither fit the description of a 899 foot tower above a '20 story' building. The Tower's landmarked so they can't touch it; the 14 story bldg has a boat-load of zoning floor area available and there are plans to 'thread' the structure of a residential tower above it, but no where near 899 feet." And that will not be the last of it, either. [CurbedWire Inbox]

MIDTOWN?Speaking of starchitects, we have a little something about IM Pei's Centurion condo on W. 56th Street. An emailer writes to say that "I heard from my broker that they are increasing the price by 10%." The 48 condos at Mr. Pei's first residential foray into New York since the mid-1960s range from 1 to 4 bedroom units, and there are three penthouses. [CurbedWire Inbox]

UPPER WEST SIDE?A Rumblings & Bumblings tipster follows up with a correction on Friday's tip that a Walgreen's is coming to the northwest corner of 87th and Broadway, emailing to say, "Well, I was peering into the gutted storefront across the street(NE corner), and spotted the floorplans laying on a desk near the window. It's a Bank of America.Vomit." [CurbedWire Inbox]