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Floorplan Antiporn Update: Video Walk-through Antiporn!

The calling out of the "minimalist" floorplan of that Duffield Street studio apartment in Brooklyn last week was a good gag, but this has taken a turn for the weird. The listing has been updated with a more complete floorplan, showing that you have to pass through a basement storage area to get to the front door. And if that's not enough, there are now pictures and a video walk-through, which?if it only ended with a half-naked girl getting her throat slit?could most likely be edited seemlessly into Hostel 3. And that's not all! A tipster turned up another listing for the Duffield Street Death Trap, for $5 more. The punchline: "It has the added benefit of being 'Classy' and features a photo of the pair of coin-op washers and dryers (which I would assume would be outside your front door for your listening pleasure)."
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