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Ban Me! Pricing for Shigeru's Shutters Set

Exactly one week ago, we wondered what Japanese starchitect Shigeru Ban was up to in West Chesea. Today, the only mystery that remains is how much green it's going to take to buy your own hunk of metal. No longer is that a mystery. A Curbed insider passes on the details:

James Lansill from Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group is leading the sales and marketing team. Sales begin in mid October.

Prices for the units will start at $2,100/sf and go up to about $3,100/sf, with the 7 available units range from $3.6M to $5.8M. The Penthouse (3,300 sf) will be $10.5M.

Common charges and real estate tax are approx $1 per sf per month. There will be a 421A tax abatement.So, the new question is: At nearly $3,000/sf, would you rather have a metal shutter house or a Trumpling? Metal Shutter Houses features nine residences: 4 three-bedroom duplex apartments of 1,950 sq. ft., 4 four-bedroom duplex apartments of 2,700 sq. ft. and 1 four-bedroom duplex penthouse of 3,300 sq. ft. All have balconies and a spectacular double height living room and terrace with a 20’ upward pivoting window wall, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor space. Individually-controlled perforated metal shutters at the edge of the terraces serve as a light modulating privacy screen. The building can literally close down, or open up completely. It is indeed a dynamic, poetic, ever changing façade. Amenities: 24/7 doorman, privacy with only 9 units and private vestibules, approx 100sf storage units available.

No stupid billiard or cigar rooms, but the architecture will feature double height ceiling living rooms with 20' high walls, operable window walls, and built in funrniture walls.

The scale model is ready and is placed at Corcoran Sunshine until the sales office is built out.

Will any broker babble this year top the genius that is the "light modulating privacy screen?" We think not.
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