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It's Official: Bowling is the New Starbucks

Even though the city might not be overrun with them, we never thought that New York had a shortage of bowling alleys. In Manhattan, there's the Port Authority, Chelsea Piers and Bowlmor to appeal to all tax brackets, and in Brooklyn, the supremely awesome Melody Lanes, among others. Apparently that's not enough suburbia for the city. Last week saw the opening of The Gutter in Williamsburg, soon to be followed up in the spring by Brooklyn Bowl. And now, Racked reports that Larry Silverstein's West 42nd Street rental tower River Place may be getting a new alley, owned by nationwide bowling chain Lucky Strike, a company that's oddly specific about its dress code (what's going on out there in Hollywood?!). Lucky Strike looks to fall into the Bowlmor realm of fancypants bowling, for those who care. Exciting news, surely, but not nearly as exciting as the evidence on Wired New York that Phase II of River Place is now officially off the ground. Steeeeeeerike!
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