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Soho Celebration! Trump Listings Hit the Market

Now comes the hard part. After all the pomp and circumstance, the Trump Soho is for sale, about 18 months ahead of its scheduled completion. According to our pals at StreetEasy, 25 listings hit the web on Sunday, and there aren't any real surprises here: Around $2,800/sqft and all the intricate, unenforceable residency rules one foreign buyer can handle ('Vat iz dees on my contrak?'). But if the demand is as great as Ivanka told us it is?3,200 applications!?why even make these listings public? In fact, the only real fun is in the StreetEasy discussion thread, where a handful of comments from four months have us feeling notalgic: "Is the local community of SOHO goint to allow this project to be approved?" So precious.
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