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It Happened One Weekend: Beaver's Big Sell & Much More

1) A penthouse at William Beaver House went to contract for just over $2,800/sqft, setting a record for the Financial District. Some dude from Madrid bought it, and Andre Balazs sums it up perfectly when he basically says that the "luxury neighborhood" model is dead because rich people from out of town (the ones spending all the money nowadays) don't give a shit about what neighborhood it is, as long as it's Manhattan. See: Australian guy at 111 CPN. [Big Deal/Josh Barbanel]

2) Uh-oh, is Mortgage Meltdown '07 finally creeping into Manhattan? The hardest hit so far: "New Yorkers with short credit histories and, interestingly, professionals who buy apartments with small down payments and nearly 100 percent financing and count on end-of-year bonuses to pay down the loans." Sorry about that, three dudes who tried to buy a 123 Baxter bachelor pad. (No, really.) ['Frustrated New Yorkers Grapple With Loan Rates'/Christine Haughney]

3) Tired of hearing about how totally awesome 15 Central Park West is? Too bad. It's "the tower" vs. "the house" in the battle of which 15CPW building reigns supreme. Our favorite? The one with the rich white old guys in it. [Big Deal/Josh Barbanel]

4) In what has to be a first for The Hunt, a woman starts her search in Brooklyn, gets so frustrated she ditches the borough, and then winds up in Manhattan. What is this world coming to? [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]

5) One of the lesser-known aspects of Sheldon Solow's East River plan: restoring public walkways on 39th and 40th Streets to the waterfront. But should these privately-owned walkways be restored to the pre-Con Ed days of public streets? [The City/Saki Knafo]