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Park Slope Auto Flambée Redux

Back in Park Slope, a tipster updates the flambée car situation first noted this morning, writing that trash fires are being set under cars:

Two of the car fires were on my block in Park Slope - 6th street between 4th and 5th. The second fire on my block was right outside my window. This was an act of arson - someone had purposefully piled up trash next to the car and lit it on fire. It was near midnight when I noticed the smell of smoke and saw the fire from my window. I ran outside in my shorts, with a broom in hand to push the burning trash away from the car. But the body of the car was already on fire. I retreated into the house and filled a pan full of water. The car could have blown at any second, because the flames were already about 5 feet high. Worse, they were underneath the car, edging toward the gas tank in back. I tossed the water, but it did little to slow the blaze. Suddenly the owner of the car was there with a mini fire exinguisher. But she didn't know how to get the safety pin out - saying "I don't know how to use this!" So I grabbed the extinguisher, yanked out the pin and told her to get back, because the car was ready to explode. I sprayed out the whole extinguisher, creating a huge cloud of smoke and chemicals... and the fire was out. At that point, the fire department showed up. In the same night as both car fires, a burglary occurred on the block. I am not sure what the reason
of this purposeful arson is, but I don't look forward to the next garbage night.

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