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Open House Report: 'Eyesores' at 45 3rd Place

Carroll Gardens blogger A Brooklyn Life checked in on an open house at 45 3rd Place and the report back is interesting. If the address rings a bell, it's because the renovation was dubbed the "Carroll Gardens attrocity" by Brownstoner last year. After noting that that the "main selling point" was the light in the corner brownstone, the review goes downhill:

The quality of the renovation, though, was shockingly bad. I realize it wasn't finished yet, but so many little details gone awry: shower tile that was not flush with the wall, banisters so loose you could shake them, missing or badly applied woodwork, poorly installed lighting, etc. Every room had several eyesores that screamed, "the owner does not care about details."The report does allow that "The real estate agent, though, was really nice."
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