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On the Racked: Slow at Brooklyn TJ's, Replacing Chelsea B&N, Marc Jacobs Assaults West Village Ears

And now, the latest from Racked, covering retail and shopping from the sidewalks up.

1) Cobble Hill: Racked takes a look inside the future site of the eagerly awaited Trader Joe's at the corner of Court Street and Atlantic Avenue and finds that it's going to be a while before anyone can pick up some vegetarian nasi goreng. "They've done a good job of stripping the the former Independence Savings Bank building clean, but other than that, there's really nothing else to report." Soon.

2) Chelsea: Speculation is rampant as to who will take the space on Sixth Avenue being vacated by Barnes & Noble. It totals 41,700 square feet, and B&N isn't due to be out until spring, but the space is already being advertised for rent.

3) West Village: Of all the things that can assault neighborhood quality of life, who would have expected to find the newest Marc Jacobs store on the list? But it is. Racked notes that neighbors aren't happy with the new Bleecker Street shop and that a neighbor complains to The Villager about the goings on in the alley behind the shop: "They scream, they shout, they bang the metal door constantly.'”

4) Upper East Side: Finally, we know Williams Sonoma will be on its best behavior when it opens its new baby clothing test store "Threads" in November. Threads is coming to 1451 Second Avenue, between 76th and 77th Streets and we're confident the only screaming and shouting will come from the little ones and their parents.