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Rumblings & Bumblings: Henry Street Hijinx, Harlem Huh?

1) Lower East Side: A reader sends in the pic at right and asks: "For what I figure are several rather obvious reasons, most of the new buildings that go up in Chinatown/LES and are suddenly and mysteriously totally occupied by Chinese speaking folks (oh what the hell, Chinese people) rarely make headlines or even tiplines on NYC real estate blogs?hmmm?so I wonder if anyone has a scoop on this odd frame job at 156 henry (a bit confusing which lot it’s in from propshark)." We almost labeled this as Two Bridges just for the hell of it.

2) Harlem: This sounds a little big to have gone unnoticed: "all the public housing units on W 114th between Frederick Douglass and Adam Clayton Blvd have been vacated. One day a bustling low income public housing neighborhood and now an empty street. Any idea of what is planned? More gentrification or nice new digs for the poor?"

3) Midtown West: "What is the building going up on 48th and 8th? I live in the Ritz Plaza on a corner apartment overlooking Hells Kitchen and the river. For the past 6 months, there is a building going up across the street from me (next to Latitude). It started out low and I figured that it will probably be a low rise due to the regulations in Hells Kitchen, but since it started, it's already hit 20+ stories and totally blocking my view to the river. (Yes, boohoo..yeah yeah)"

4) Lower East Side: Do you guys happen to know what's being constructed at the corner of Delancey and Forsyth? Foundation and steel frame is two stores tall and they've been pouring concrete on the first floor.

Leave your intel in the comments, and an assortment of answers will be posted on Thursday. If you have a Rumblings & Bumblings question, drop us a line.