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UES Dilemma: Pink Popped Collar = Douchebag?

The Upper East Side blog 78th and 2nd has been wrestling with the torment of the pink-Izod-with-popped-collar combo after an outbreak of sightings in the neighborhood. The question he asks: Does this getup automatically make the wearer a douchebag? To settle it once and for all, 78&2 went to the proprietor of Hot Chicks With Douchebags to get an answer:

The Pink I-Zod (and its compatriot, The Pink Polo) does not in and of itself confer inherent douche status, but it is a warning sign of potential douchebaggery. Like the growl of the Amur Tiger of Uttar Pradesh or a hooker named Candii saying "Hi!" it presages potential disaster if you make the wrong choice. Any popped collar, on the other hand, confers auto stage-1 douche status

Without exception.

Note to those popping collars in the hallways of Normandie Court: color won't save you.
· The Pink Izod Collar Pop Encore [78th and 2nd]