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MTA Bends to Will of Ikea

The B61 bus, which connects Long Island City to Red Hook but has basically become a bogged-down Williamsburg cattle car over the past few years, is in for quite the change! In an announcement buried in an amNY story and then brought to our attention by Gowanus Lounge, the MTA said that both the B61 and B77 buses will extend their routes to service the new Red Hook Ikea, starting in January. This means that the primary route of hipsters trying to get cheap Mexican food at the Red Hook ball fields will now become the primary route of hipsters trying to get cheap furniture at Ikea. Smirked the Lounge, "There is either humor or irony in knowing that the pleasures of the B61 will soon become known by an entire new group of people trying to get to and from the Ikea store." What pleasures? Read all about them on Lost City, where an epic rant on the "shameful" B61 includes some hilarious driver hijinx.
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[B61 bench photo via Flickr/thisisloveforever]