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SchnabelWatch: Julian Defends Chupi, Has a Brew

It doesn't appear to be online (Ed.?UPDATE: here's the link), but this week's New York has a story on West Village pink pirate Julian Schnabel, and man, did they blow it. Sure the piece is mostly about Schnabel's film work, but the interview takes place inside his still under-construction Palazzo Chupi on West 11th Street, yet they didn't pry any chewy Chupi bits out of him. No explanation of what the name means, and no clues as to what celebrities/art stars will be moving into the other four units. But Schnabel did address the controversy surrounding the 17-story building:

"I didn't want to reinvent the wheel," he says. "There was always neo-Classical architecture in the Village, and this place is not so dissimilar." He points out a building a few blocks away and notes the similarity in color?which is true, in that both are in the red family.Schnabel, described as Chupi's Willy Wonka, also points out the giant claw-footed tubs, custom balustrades and granite fireplaces before having "a beer and a smoke" with the construction workers. What a boss, that guy!
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Palazzo Chupi

360 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014