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Chicken Coops are the New Brooklyn Backyard Accessory

One of the sources of all the sightings of chickens in Brooklyn, for instance, here and here, may be a little more clear this morning. Apparently, a bunch of Brooklynites--especially in Red Hook and Cobble Hill--are getting into chicken farming. As in, backyard coops. Today's Daily News reports that "chickens are now flocking to Brooklyn thanks to a renewed interest in eating locally grown and raised foods." One of the Red Hook chicken farmers goes so far as to call it "a trend that's in its germination stage right now." It's not hard to see the day when a real estate agent sizes up a potential buyer, decides he/she is a potential Brownstone chickenista and announces, "Wait until you see the backyard. It's the perfect spot for the new Sub-Zero Free Range-Like Coop."
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