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CurbedWire: Mr. Chetrit Gets a Rat, One Hanson Gets a Tax Cut, Battery Park Turkey Getting Rescued?

ENGLEWOOD?We cross the Hudson River for the always compelling inflatable rat vs. developer story and photo. Yesterday, a tipster emailed: "Some union decided it would be a good idea to put a giant inflatable rat outside Joe Chetrit's estate in Englewood, NJ. However, the Englewood PD would have none of that and sent two (TWO!) cop cars to remove any sign of union goonery before a photo could be taken. One wonders if this is Cipriani's 'family' getting revenge..." It's hard to keep a good rat down, however, as it was back today, and photographed this time.

BATTERY PARK?We enjoy Zelda the Battery Park turkey. A reader who shares our interest writes, "I know she enjoys owning the freakin' place, but I'm a little concerned Zelda the turkey won't survive Thanksgiving, if you know what I mean. There's a wonderful farm animal sanctuary upstate that has offered to take her: 'Someone would have to catch him/her or speak to whomever is keeping him/her to get permission to allow her to come here. If others are willing to do this, we can provide the home.'" To which we say, hands off. This will not be her first Thanksgiving. [CurbedWire Inbox]

FORT GREENE?Taxes have been reduced at the big One Hanson Place development. A buyer emails to say that "I just bought a 2BR unit on the 18th floor at one hanson place and was pleasantly surprised to see that the J-51 taxes across the board have dramatically decreased. The sales agent said by 50% for some apartments, mine went from $594 to $253/month. I have been following one hanson place for a while and have wondered why their taxes were so high to start out with. I would have purchased there either way as I believe that it's a great building and a good buy, but this should make it much easier to sell the remaining 40%." [CurbedWire Inbox]