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Ask Curbed: When the Ceiling Falls on the Bed

The Ask Curbed Inbox yields an interesting question about what to do when construction in the apartment upstairs threatens quality of life and, possibly, even life itself, depending on where one happens to be situated. Here we go:

I live in a typical tenement building in the East Village. Construction's being done in the building all last week. This weekend, very early in the morning, big chunks of my ceiling start falling down right over my bed. Huge pieces of heavy plaster. Luckily, I was awake, but had I been sleeping, I could have have been seriously hurt. I took a bunch of digital photos and started to call the management company numbers (this is not a repair job for the super, although he very helpfully did come by to take a look). It took awhile to figure out who actually owns and manages our building -- it seems to have changed hands over the summer (our rent stubs simply read "Our Street Address, LLC"). I also went up to the apartment directly above mine to ask the tenant to please not move any furniture over the bedroom, but the apartment is vacant -- the door was wide open and the apartment had been completely gutted. Clearly, the construction going on in that space caused the fallout of my ceiling. So now the management company is coming to take a look at the damage tomorrow. In the meantime, my bedroom is inhabitable. More of the ceiling could very well fall down, as construction in the building started right up again today at 9 a.m. I don't believe there are permits for any of this work, by the way -- none are hanging in the lobby.

So, I guess my query is... what do I do next? And please don't just say "move" because even if I do move, I need to know what steps to take.

Your answers, of course, in the Comments section.
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