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BREAKING CurbedWire: Northside Piers Tower on Fire

[Photo via INSIJS]

Williamsburg blogger INSIJS reports that "At 11:25 am the 29-story Northside Piers tower under construction caught fire. Fire appeared to be coming from the roof." An on scene correspondent reports: "At least 3 firetrucks and then one hazmat. I dont know if i could ever truly use the word billowing smoke before now i can." Developing.
· Breaking: Northside Piers Tower on Fire [INSIJS]
· Northside Piers Fire Photoset [i'mjustsayin'/flickr]

UPDATE: INSIJS IM's that, at 11:40, it looks like the fire "is close to out." He writes: "FDNY appears to have fire under control. Black smoke gives way to white steamy smoke. Construction at neighboring The Edge continues unabated. Condoburg is saved." More photos here.

UPDATE 12:45 PM: Gothamist reports that the very smoky fire was caused by a kettle being used to prepare roofing tar. No injuries.