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Investor Rant: 'Manhattan is One Big Joke'

Today we were chatting with a real estate investor?one enmeshed in the complex Manhattanville situation?while perusing some construction photos of Andre Balazs' High Line-squatting Standard Hotel (right). We sent the pics along to get his take, because the topic of conversation was one of our favorites: Is the High Line's public park status just a farce, and will it just become a playground for the rich given the fancy developments with private access to the elevated walkway? The question, along with all the Columbia-caused stress, set him off:

Fuck it, I say. Manhattan is one big joke. I think they should let highrises go up anywhere at this point. What's the point of communities on the island anymore? Everyone's so priced out, does it matter anymore?

If you want a neighborhood/community, move to Brooklyn.

Let Manhattan be just one big bullshit skyscraper. Tower of Motherfuckin' Babel. But for douchebags. And the Lord spoke and said, "Let us make sure these douchebags do not understand each other, less they build a Tower of Douchieness. Let one douchebag not understand the other." And thus the languages of Goldman, Lehman, and Morgan were formed and the Lord saw it and it was good.

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