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Far Upper West Side Now Officially in the Downzone

Good news for buyers in Extell Development's Ariel East and Ariel West along Broadway near 99th Street: your views are safe! The City Council unanimously voted to downzone a 51-block chunk of the Upper West Side, after the Community Board already did the same last year to prevent anything like the Ariel from happening ever again. The plan limits buildings to 14 stories along Broadway, 10-11 stories along other avenues and 6-7 stories on side streets. Also, the fast and loose air rights transfers that made the twin Ariels possible are no longer allowed. As for 808 Columbus/Columbus Village, it's been fucking shit up for a while now, so we'll assume it's being grandfathered in?
· Council Approves Plan to Limit High-Rises on Upper West Side [NYT]
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