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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: High on Henry, Harlem Renovation, More

1) Lower East Side: The Henry Street frame job (right) a rumbler was asking about has DOB approval to become an 8-story extention of 152 Henry, per a tipster. Also, this comment was pretty funny: "Just because we work together to defeat you on the real estate front by advertising strictly in Chinese language newspapers, dont be mad with us & give away our secrets on your stupid blog."

2) Harlem On the topic of the public housing clearout, a tipster points us to a city press release on the A. Phillip Randolph Houses: "Randolph Houses are currently undergoing a $60 million capital renovation, which will rehabilitate all the apartments and bring them up to current standards." It'll remain with the NYCHA.

3) Midtown West: Bad news for our Ritzy friend. Your new neighbor is Ismael Leyva's 42-story tower of terror. Damn that's frightening.

4) Lower East Side: No takers on the steel frame rising at Delancey and Forsyth.