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Introducing: Eater SF and the New! Improved! Curbed SF

Friends, it's a big day at Curbed HQ. Desperately in need of better burritos and a winning basketball team, we're refreshing our San Francisco coverage. Today marks the debut of Eater San Francisco, with editor Paolo Lucchesi on board. Today also marks the re-launch of Curbed San Francisco, which debuted in March 2006. Sarah Hromack, a great editor who puts the gent in gentrification (despite being a lady?yeah, it's confusing), is giving the site a new look. There are a lot of familiar features like That's Rather Hideous and Plywood Report as well as a lot of brand new Curbed SF and Eater SF goodness. We invite you to click over and check them out. Some early highlights:

· Greener Than Thou: The Gardening Coach [Curbed SF]
· Storefronting: Marina District's Metallic New Apple Store [Curbed SF]
· That's Rather Hideous: Parkside Photoshopper [Curbed SF]
· Adventures in Shilling: Farina Would Rather Not Be Compared to Delfina [Eater SF]
· Eater Inside Sneak Peak: Sens [Eater SF]
· Plywood Report: South Beach Rising! [Eater SF]