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Is the South Slope Trying to Cop Park Slope's Style?

"For years, the South Slope has played Zune to Park Slope's iPod - they were basically the same thing, only, well, they weren't." So begins Lisa Keys' "Hope in the Slope" story in the Post, which runs through the development going on in the South Slope?including the monstrously out-of-scale Vue at 162 16th Street (left)?and comes to the conclusion that, hey, the South Slope is almost as Park Slope as Park Slope. Look, when you mention Zune around these parts, you're going to get folks riled up, and indeed they are riled! The Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Heights' Aaron Brashear fired off an email response to the story that reads, in part: "Total propaganda for the 2 developers and the realtors. Shilling up the new condos around 15th/16th Sts (200? More like 400!) is sickening and very deceiving. And since when did South park Slope want to so desperately emulate Park Slope proper?" Since, uh, forever? We don't even have a South Slope neighborhood category!
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