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On the Racked: Jobs Working Overtime in MePa, Already Christmas on E. 4th, Ricky's Invades Greenpoint

And now, the latest from Racked, covering retail and shopping from the sidewalks up.

[Photo via ddvo/Racked Flickr Pool]

1) MePa: Racked reports that they're working very late to get the new Meatpacking District Apple store ready. Possibly because "they have a ways to go and Jobs must want this place to open in time for the holiday shopping season."

2) East Village: Speaking of the holidays, it's already Christmas at the temporary Toys-R-Us on E. 4th Street and not everyone has the spirit. A non-fan who snapped a photo of the new Christmas window emails: "It's September Fucking 27th, Toys-R-MotherFucking-Us. Yesterday, it was near 90 degrees. You're lucky I didn't find a stray Molotov cocktail in the streets...otherwise, I swear, I would've...considered raising the temperature in your new store to, oh, about 1500 degrees Celsius."

3) Chelsea: The guessing game continues about the future tenant of the Sixth Ave. space being vacated by Barnes & Noble. Latest intriguing possibility: a new CB2.

4) Greenpoint: Ricky's isn't just moving into Brooklyn. It's taking over. The latest outpost is on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint. After Halloween, the storefront will convert to Ricky's Beauty Supply.