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Clocking the 'Best New Developments': And the Winner is...

The Post today has a roundup of the "10 Hottest Developments in New York City and Beyond," which is basically just a list of new buildings sexed up to sound like these are the ones that made the competitive cut. We'd be fine with that, except the Post punks out and doesn't actually rank them in order. So we're going to decide which of the Post's developments is truly the hottest by judging them on the one criteria that really matters: the length of the Flash intros on their websites. So here are the results, from last place?with the puniest animation?to the champion of big ballin' bandwidth-sucking excess. Above is a snippet from the winner, as a delicious little clue:

10) 163 Montrose (Bushwick): N/A. Does this building even have a website? We gave up after two minutes. Bushwick may be having a moment, but clearly it's not ready for prime time just yet.

9) Loft 4 (Miami): 0 seconds. Nice effort, Miami! No wonder your market is tanking!

8) The Jasper (Murray Hill): 12 seconds, but you actually have to click ahead one screen to get to the intro, so we're deducting some points.

7) Twenty9th Park Madison (Murray Hill): 12 seconds

6) The Foundry (Long Island City): 15 seconds

5) Adagio (UWS): 16 seconds

4) 31 West 11th (Greenwich Village): 19 seconds, but seems to stall after about 10. Is that like taking performance enhancing drugs? In this sport, cheating is a plus.

3) 77 Hudson (Jersey City): 33 seconds

2) The Laurel (UES): 52 seconds

1) Knickerbocker Lofts (New Rochelle): Infinity. It just keeps looping. Now that's the heart of a champion!

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