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Thought About Buying in Bensonhurst...or Astoria?

Today's Post offers up some fodder for discussion about trends in some Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods. The meta conclusion is that "it seems we've entered a more circumspect age." Some neighborhood highlights:

1) Sunset Park: Gentrification marches on. "The area's trajectory to continue upward."
2) Jackson Heights: Coops will insulate it from the credit crunch. "If you want rampant condo development, look elsewhere."
3) Astoria: There's "a shortage of buyers that qualify" for mortgages, but "the lower end of the sales market seems to be hot."
4) Bushwick: Less hipsters than one would expect and "the majority of sales in the neighborhood are going to blue-collar family types."
5) Bensonhurst: A lot of property on the market. "Here's one area to keep an eye on for deals."
· Deal or No Deal: Outer Boroughs Still Offer Value, but It Could Pay to Wait [NYP]

[Photo courtesy of JudsonK/flickr]