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New Hipster Picnic & Fishing Spot: Newtown Creek

Come on, what could be more ironic than a picnic on Newtown Creek? Exactly. We, noted it recently, but it's the detail available today that merits a return visit: An 800-foot walkway, a picnic area and--unfathomably--a fishing area. (Did we mention this is the "nature walk" at the massive sewage treatment plant on Newtown Creek?) In any case, the Newton Creek Nature Walk apparently cost $3.2 million and has been in process for nine years. "Light refreshments" will be served at the opening on Saturday. This would be where we'd put in the joke about how we can understand why wouldn't want to serve a heavy meal there. But we won't. Instead, we'll ask: Fishing?
· Fouled Creek's Improvement Inspire a Site for Respite [NYT]
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[Photo courtesy of New York Shitty]