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The Schrager Effect: Noho Readies the Cranes

Now that 40 Bond, 48 Bond and 25 Bond are all up and doing their thing, it's time for the second wave of Bond Street luxury development to take shape. Bradley Hope provides a complete rundown in the Sun, and while we've heard about some of these projects before, it's nice to have them in one place. So here's your refresher:

1) 10-12 Bond Street: Developer Zach Vella will turn the empty parking lot and garage to a boutique hotel, "on the scale of the six-story Mercer Hotel in Soho."
2) 363 Lafayette (at Bond): Olmstead Properties want to build a five-story office building. This is part of the Chuck Close feud.
3) 22 Bond: On the other side of Chuck Close's 20 Bond Street, a "sliver hotel" may go up, but activity has stopped.
4) 41-43 Bond: Self-storage king Adam Gordon is tearing down the buildings for a nine-story condo/castle, designed by Steven Harris, the same architect that designed Gordon's Jane Street home.
5) 330 Bowery: The Bouwerie Lane Theater (right; via PropShark), also purchased by Gordon, is being restored. Gordon will live there with his family (a two-story climbing wall is in the works), and there may be other units as well. Two retail storefronts?galleries perhaps??are also in the works.

Quite a few changes for the little stretch between Bowery and Lafayette, wouldn't you say? And where will all these high-flying n00bs get drunk? Most likely somewhere else.
· Bond Street Begins Transition [NYSun]

41 Bond Street

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40 Bond Street

40 Bond Street, New York, NY 10012 Visit Website