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Williamsburg Now Just a Plot Device for Teen Melodrama

Last night was the second episode of Gossip Girl, the Upper East Side-set soap opera about rich kids and their sexual frustration. In the first episode, the not-so-rich kid (right)?whose family is still wealthy enough to live in a sweet loft?was hinted to be living in Brooklyn, although the word was never uttered. His "hip" dad and various shots of the Brooklyn Bridge were clues, however. The second episode left nothing to the imagination. He got in a cab after a party and said one word to the driver: Williamsburg. And now the best part: he's treated as a second-class citizen because he lives in the 'Burg. Actual quote: "Trash? I live in Brooklyn, not the Ozarks!" Does he look like your run-of-the-mill Williamsburger? Who cares, the only thing left to do is decide on what new 'Burg development the family would be living in if this was real life. Based on their old school-meets-modern vibe?and the father's objection to Toll Brothers-like conformity?we're going with the Mill Building.
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