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Curbed Poll: We've Got the Blues

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Folks, we have a problem. Our Curbed bretheren?in both Los Angeles and San Francisco?have pointed out to us that they, too, have a BLUE. And most hilarious of all, they each think their BLUEs are better. Ladies and gentlemen, we simply cannot allow this to stand. Some of us may or may not like our Norfolk Street frenemy, but we can all at least admit that its overall insanity is far superior than anything the West Coast could possibly puke out. And it's time to settle this once and for all.

Just look at the side-by-side comparison above. Did you notice that our BLUE is the only one of three that is actually a photo of the finished product and not a rendering? You probably didn't, because BLUE is fucking crazy. It spawned fold-out replicas! There's an outdoor shower! It looks like something out of Tron! And most of all: it's blue!

The LA and SF versions?which don't even have the balls to call themselves BLUE despite their willingness to include pretentious grammatical symbols?are barely the color they claim to be. Plus, the puny Blü in Beverly Hills is just a rental building, so the developer doesn't even have confidence in it. Plus, the website has the worst puns ever. San Fran is at least bringing some heat with its 21 floors and 120 condo units, but in a shell we feel we've seen a thousand times before. The choice is obvious.

You can read why Curbed LA disgrees. And you can read Curbed SF try to propagandize. Once you're done, it's time to vote. The poll, which includes LA and SF readers, will be open until Monday at 5pm EST. Let's show 'em what we're made of, kids.