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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) LIC's Crescent Club Shows Off Some New Looks (62 Comments)
"Seriously, LIC is not that bad. Besides the Arris mess, we are a pretty cool neighborhood."
2) Your Morning Credit Crunch: Sales, Prices Plunge (57 Comments)
"First rule of real estate is its local. Remember that. Price drops in Sacramento or Tampa will not effect the price of your Upper East Side Co-op. Wall Street lay-offs, that might do the trick, not national numbers."
3) UES Dilemma: Pink Popped Collar = Douchebag? (50 Comments)
"Curbed could do the citizens of NYC a great service by publishing a "douchebag index" of the various neighborhoods in the city. I know the douchebag index of my neighborhood, once pretty low, is now intolerably high. But where are the neighborhoods with a low douchebag index?"
4) Investor Rant: 'Manhattan is One Big Joke' (50 Comments)
"There are no neighborhoods in manhattan anymore? Aren't there more neighborhoods? What was the meatpacking district before? oh yeah, a wasteland, now its a neighborhood. Since when does the income of a neighborhood determine its validity as a neighborhood."