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The Worst New Development Names In Brooklyn

When an email from a reader hit the inbox and said that the name of a certain Brooklyn development was dumb as hell, it got the wheels turning. What are the new developments with the worst names in Brooklyn? We could have spent days on this, because it's such fertile territory, but here are the Top Five, going from last to first:

5) Novo Park Slope. A serious favorite, it's always brought to mind a village in the Balkans or a pharmaceutical company.

4) The Fusion. Please don't confuse it with the Fusion in Long Island City. Both make us think of some sort of unfortunate nuclear accident.

3) Loftology. It makes us think of a number of "ologies," some of which are not good.

2) The Simone. For some reason, it conjurs up an image of a Stepford Wife which is not the best association for a building so close to Green-Wood Cemetery that it might as well be inside.

1) Das Haus. They really named it Das Haus? We rest our case.

Honorable Mention:

2) The Mynt. Like in Doublemynt? Or US Mynt?

1) Muse. On the water with views, maybe, but in this corner of Brooklyn?
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