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Sea Change on 7th Street: Fine Art!

[Photo via Will Femia]

Some exciting things are happening on the block of East 7th Street between Avenues C and D, so we sent out photographer Will Femia to document just what the heck is going on in this rough patch of Alphaville. First up is the glum child you see above. Artist Kiki Smith calls this street home, and in a very under-reported gesture, she has decided to show her passion for the 'hood by donating scultptures to two community gardens on the block. The one above is sitting, er, standing in the Sam and Sadie Koenig Garden at 237 East 7th Street, on the western end of the street. Says a Curbed tipster: "They are now standing in the gardens but no one seems to know about this in the bigger world outside of LES life, and even that street!" Now they do. Coming up later: a dramatic update on the Flowerbox Building at 259 East 7th Street.