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Will Anyone Miss This Building?

Save the ocean? That's what the Daily Intel reports was the topic at hand during an architecture talk inspired by the potential demise of St. Vincent's wavy O'Toole Building, on Seventh Ave. South between 12th and 13th Streets. The building was designed by architect Albert Ledner as one half of a nautical two-some, the other being the Maritime Hotel a few block northwest. St. Vincent's wants to raze the windowless modernist fortress and build a new 17-story facility, but old man Ledner ain't having none of that! "If it were removed, it would be very well missed," he told a crowd of archinerds. Well, maybe he's not putting up the strongest fight. But it seems like most people think the O'Toole Building is ugly as sin, so will anyone truly miss it if it goes?
· Albert Ledner Defends His White Elephant [Daily Intel]

[Photo via Flickr/JetCity J]