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What Kind of Disaster Housing Would Frank Gehry Design?

Anyone that ever wanted to design a tent city for nearly 40,000 people running for their lives from a killer hurricane is about to get his or her day in the sun. The city is running a design competition for 'post-disaster urban housing.' Be forewarned that "traditional" solutions like mobile homes are "not suitable for New York City’s high population density and concentrated infrastructure." So, the post-disaster housing designers are going to have to think outside the box. Look at the bright side, though. After those 40,000 people have watched, say, Brooklyn turn into a tiny island (the city calls the fictional neighborhood drowned by a Category 3 hurricane Prospect Shores), they'll be living in emergency housing that will be nicely designed. In any case, it should keep a lot of architecture students busy for a while. Ten finalists will be picked.
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