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The Number One Problem in the Heart of Park Slope

What would this post-Labor Day work week be without a Park Slope Moment? The incident, passed along by Icky in Brooklyn, occurred during the official summer season, but it's still amusing, especially the blogger's reaction. It concerns a trip to the Park Slope Barnes & Noble:

I came out of the store with my green bag of conspicuous consumption in hand, and I rounded the corner onto 6th Street when what to my wondering eyes should appear? A guy pissing in the tree pit, with his wanker hanging out for all to see. I have to admit, I had mixed emotions. First, I was a little aghast. Then, I decided it was kind of fun. I mean, this was no ordinary hiding-in-an-alley-behind-a-dumpster piss. This piss could very well have been a social statement. A purposeful piss. A piss on a mission. If nothing else, the location was sheer poetry ... 6th Street and 7th Avenue in Park Slope, right outside the huge B&N windows, directly behind the permanently parked ice cream truck, and smack bang across from brand new shiny bazillion dollar Methodist Hospital entrance. You go, pisser.

Sorry, no video, like the one of this guy in Greenpoint.
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