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Rumblings and Bumblings: CHARAS' Pole Position, Amsterdam's Bloody Mess, More

You know what time it is, Tuesday readers: Rumblings & Bumblings. If you've got an answer to one of the reader queries below, leave a note in the comments. If you've got another question, or a sweet, sweet digital photograph, drop a line to Answers from readers like you on Thursday.

1) East Village: Can it be? Action near P.S. 64/Charas/El Bohio? You know it! A reader emails: "Any more information on CHARAS/El Bohio on 9th and B? I've noticed that over the last few weeks they have cemented heavy duty poles into the sidewalk, and have started to erect a heavy duty fence around the adjoining playground (above). Until recent days, there has never been a construction fence around the site (blue wall). The fence around the building itself has been there for years. Looks like the Christodora House may be loosing it's view. Hopefully the city will come to it's senses and limit the buildings height."

2) Upper West Side: The blood is on someone's hands, but whose? Writes a reader: "Any idea what's going to go on the west side of Amsterdam between 66th and 70th on UWS (It's apart of the superblock abutting Lincoln Towers, so no thru streets)? The former Red Cross blood donation building on 66th has scaffolding around it and signs for a demolition company. And the buildings north of it are almost fully torn down."

3) Downtown Brooklyn: More happenings in the shadows of the Livingston? A mystery: "Who is using construction equipment to test the ground under the parking lot adjacent to 110 livingston street in Brooklyn and why?" Our thoughts exactly.

4) Midtown East: "Any info on what's happening on East 44th Street between 2nd and 3rd avenues? 227 (number may be incorrect) E 44th and its neighbor have just been razed to the ground, and rumor has it 219 E 44th has been sold to a developer so the lot can be rebuilt as a hotel or condo units. Any idea what's happening on this block?"

5) Dumbo: "Just walked by water and adams street. The great old building that overlooks the new pedestrian triangle has all new windows and is vacant. Any ideas what it going to be?" We believe our emiler is talking about this building seen here.