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Hunter's Point Mindfuck: From Basin to Amazin'

Ever since guest-blogger QueensCrap swung through Curbed HQ, we've been reading more into the borough's drab-to-fab waterfront. Continuing the spotlight treatment on Hunter's Point, let's take a look at that 500-yard inlet of muck, Anable Basin. There's a company called Plaxall that, in addition to sounding a little too Globex-like, owns a fat chunk of land on the water. Finally, Plaxall is planning on doing something with it. According to the Architects Newspaper and via Wired New York, that brain-exploding little thumbnail is what will grace the site come 2011?a 3,000,000-square-foot mixed-use monster where river meets basin. Certainly that's a ways off, but Plaxall has both ambition and vision to spare. Check out the pedestrian bridge they proposed for the basin and put before a community board a while back. Plaxall, go as crazy as you want. We're loving the results.
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