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Development Du Jour: Sophia Lofts

Location: 234 N. 9th Street, Williamsburg
Size: Four floors with 11 units, including two 1BR duplex penthouses
Prices: Listings range from $519K for a one-bedroom loft to $749K for a 2BR
Architect: Standard Architects
Sales & Marketing: Aptsandlofts
Lowdown: We've been watching this old industrial building since it was gutted and now we know thatit was once a Polish babka bakery run by Sophia Zablowski. This is because the babka baker has become part of the marketing spin for the development. ("Authentic Loft Living Arrives in Brooklyn!") The windows have been removed, the interior is being gut renovated and those shiny luxe penthouses with terraces you see in the rendering are being added to the top. The building is being marketed as "within three blocks of the coveted three," which are Bedford Ave., the L Train and McCarren Park, which may be the first time recently we've heard the L referred to with a word that doesn't start with F. Coveted?
· Sophia Lofts []
· Sophia Lofts []