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It Happened One (Long) Weekend: Views to Eternity

1) The problem facing apartments with grand views in New York City is, of course, that someone might build next door to you tomorrow, replacing the vista of the Statue of Liberty with that of a colorful brick wall. How to avoid such a fate? Buy a place facing a park, like our old pal 111 Central Park North (right) or at Karl Fischer Row in Greenpoint—or get clever with your air rights research. The Times doesn't have a lot of specific ideas for you beyond new developments, though this Battery Park City 1BR listed at $539,000 does get a callout. Won't last! The apartment, that is, not the views. [Views You Won't Lose/Vivian S. Troy]

2) Continuing the print media's recent fixation with the Columbia Street Waterfront District in Brooklyn, the Post goes to great pains to define the boundaries of what it describes as a really sad-sack place: "a tiny, isolated Brooklyn neighborhood struggling to tap into its potential." [NYPost]

3) Paging Apartment Therapy: how a West Village couple survive in a space of about 200 square feet that rents for $999/month. Shoebox lovers, check the slideshow. Adorable. [Habitats/Stephen P. Williams]

4) Scary intel on Roosevelt Island: "Housing developers typically shied away from the island because building there would have required installing costly infrastructure like water lines and sewers." Good to know. [Living On/C.J. Hughes]