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Critic Pens Love Letter to BLUE (Really!)

[Photo via Betty Blade/Flickr]

How much does Nicolai Ouroussoff love big, bad BLUE? Put it this way: the Times archicritic pens a rave of a review without once mentioning the sexy outdoor shower! But seriously folks, it looks like our longtime Lower East Side obsession kissed the ring and came out a made man. Ouroussoff takes some shots at the Hotel on Rivington and the other LES high-rise newcomers, then piles on the BLUE love:

Much of the inspiration, however, comes as much from the gutter as from museum walls. The building’s milky blue colors bring to mind the cheap illuminated plastic signs still found on some old East Village storefronts. Air-conditioning units are punched through the facade. Flowered drapes hang in some of the windows. I mean this as a compliment. Part of the problem with so many of the new luxury towers is that they look so self-consciously refined. “Look at me,” they seem to purr. “Aren’t I sooooo sophisticated?” Mr. Tschumi’s building is less self-conscious, more playful.

In other words, lowbrow-brilliant. Ouroussoff also refers to BLUE as a "sanctuary for misfits and outcasts," which we're still scratching our heads about. End result: it looks like those owners seeking $6,000+/month rents suddenly have a much stronger case.
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105 Norfolk Street

105 Norfolk Street, New York, NY 10002