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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: The Tower of Brinkley

1) All that talk about Christie Brinkley's 20-acre Bridgehampton estate hitting the market again? It totally happened. And why the new $30 million price tag when it didn't sell for $26.5 million a year ago? Ask for 30, get 26.5, and everyone goes home to their 50-foot lookout tower happy. [Corcoran]

2) Did acid-tongued Project Runway star Tim Gunn make fun of medical scrubs one time or something? He tells Page 6 that St. Vincent's Hospital basically booted him from his West Village apartment. He's now occupying a one-bedroom in Chelsea's famed London Terrace, but it's unclear whether we're talking about the co-op London Terrace Towers or the rental London Terrace Gardens. [Page 6]

3) Attention, Brooklyn brownstone fans: Be on the lookout for a lavish $3.5 million+, 25-foot-wide Dean Street masterpiece hitting the market. Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, Boerum Hill's resident king and queen, are splitsville. [NYDN]