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Tishman's Times Square Tear Down

Father and son team John and Dan Tishman look like they're ready to roll with their mystery project at Eighth Avenue and West 44th Street where they recently grabbed up a bunch of properties. The stretch along the west side of Eighth is all shuttered, the gates locked tight. No more fun and games around here.

The rendering on the right is something that will not be built. It is actually a proposal that was floated a few years back as a possible 264-unit Condo development . Condos? In this market? Now that is funny. What will go up here is anyone's guess. The always-curious gang over at Wired New York have chimed in, some hoping for a hotel, others screaming for a huge commercial tower. The words "Disney Headquarters" have even been tossed about. One thing is certain: the rank old parking structure farther west on 44th has closed. It is now covered by a sidewalk shed that went up just before Labor Day weekend. The Department of Buildings website shows that applications for similar sidewalk sheds covering all these Tishman plots are in process, so before too long tons of nasty old bricks should be coming down. And another big hole will open up in Times Square.

This parking structure at 306 - 320 West 44th will soon be coming down.

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