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Soho's 'The Wall' is Blue on Blue (Again)

Just in case you haven't had enough of the color blue today, we've got more courtesy of sculptor Frosty Myers who clearly ain't singing the blues. His iconic sculpture, The Wall, which rose above the intersection of Broadway and Houston and greeted travelers to Soho for 30+ years is making a long awaited comeback. The Wall was taken down in 2002. What followed was an endless and expensive legal battle. And, miracle of miracles, both sides recently reached an amicable resolution, which allows for Myers to rebuild his Wall.

The north wall of 599 Broadway at Houston Street.

New brickwork on the north facade of 599 Broadway has been on-going all summer. Last week, workers covered it with various shades of blue. Painted metal beams extending from the wall should be going up before too long. And then, The Wall will be reborn. Downtowners will soon have the original blue (no fancy Blue showers here) to celebrate.

The way The Wall used to look (left) and the new configuration.

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