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Aqua Condo Buyers Upset They Can't Go in the Pool

So, if you want to get our attention, put a subject line on your email that says "Developers Not Delivering - Buyers Fight Back!! - Aqua Condo's Williamsburg." The reference is to a New York Times article about how some condo buyers are angry that developers aren't delivering what they promised or are taking a long time to finish up after residents move in. In the case of the Aqua, buyers are ticked because they can't move in.

You might remember the Aqua for its marketing pitch, perhaps. ("Live poolside...uber luxurious, etc.) The email bringing the Aqua Condominiums Williamsburg blog to our attention said, in part:

I started a new blog for 'soon to be buyers' of the Aqua condos in Williamsburg. It's a place for us to share the different 'lines' we are being fed - as to why it's taking so long for the certificate of occupancy to come through - up to 6mths later than promised in some cases - and still no firm date being layed out...Kinda like a noticeboard in the foyer - except the foyer is still under construction and none of us are in the friken building to read it anyway!The most recent post noted that there are three Stop Work Orders on the development, but they appear to have been resolved. (One of the Stop Work Orders, ironically, was for failing to obey a Stop Work Order.) There has apparently been an issue of slow inspections, among other things.
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