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Bay Ridge Victorians 'On Death Row'

[Photo courtesy of Cititour]

We don't make it over to Bay Ridge much, and now it's for a developer vs. old buildings item. The tale of Victorian architecture and demolition crews in waiting comes from Citiblog:

I happened to be traveling up 74th Street in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn where I would often travel to admire some old Victorian homes. One was for sale and I was checking up to see if it was sold. I knew it would be someone's dream house one day, or at least that's what I thought. As I got close, something wasn't quite right. A dead birch tree stood outside one of the majestic homes, while the earth had been unsettled in front of another. And then came the signs on all three: "Poison: Keep Out" seems the "poison" in this case is a developer who plans to level the homes to make room for co-ops. It's a shame when perfectly beautiful homes that depict the origins of a neighborhood, in this case Bay Ridge, can be discarded in such a horrible fashion. In Ditmas Park they're treasured. In this neck of the woods I guess it's greed that dictates.

More "death row" images and an appeal to the Landmarks Commission over at Citiblog.
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