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Doing Mo Pitkin's Sideways: Did Someone Say Triplex?

Today's bombshell in Page Six that Mo Pitkin's House of Satisfaction is on the market sent a brief shudder down our Judeo-Cuban-loving spines. But alas, we must find the strength to continue, because what we didn't know was that the gut-renovated Avenue A restaurant, bar and performance space?the majority of which is owned by Two Boots emperor Phil Hartman?has a "duplex penthouse apartment" on top. Surely this would yield some interest floor planage, and a trip over to the Walker Malloy commercial listings page confirms that suspicion. On first glance, the cross section makes that fourth- and fifth-floor duplex look awfully tiny, but the listing for the 22' x 76' building says that the third-floor office space is zoned for residential, meaning a buyer could turn Mo's into an even more interesting live/work space. Delivered vacant with a liquor license at an asking price of $5.9 million? Sounds like an East Village steal to us.
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