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Contractors Play Music Hall of Williamsburg Opening Night

[Photo courtesy of INSIJS]

Much has been made of the coming of the new Music Hall of Williamsburg and the going of its neighbor, Galapagos. Well, apparently, not everybody got word that the new venue was still under construction and that Patti Smith wouldn't be appearing. Blogger INSIJS--who closely follows all the news on N. 6th Street in the Burg--reports an interesting opening night scene on N. 6th Street:

Contractors hustled sheetrock into a gaping hole in the newly-exposed facade. One of the project's principals paced up and down North 6th Street, working his cellphone with that high-elbow intensity reserved for "I'm down here and you're not; Its my call." conversations. That was the scene at Brooklyn's newest music venue at seven o'clock tonight, just an hour before doors were to open on its inaugural show. Despite a valiant sprint toward the finish - which for days has included a sidewalk clogged with truckload after truckload of furniture, staging, stanchions, lighting equipment, and all the other stuff that makes a rock club a rock club, Bowery Presents came to their senses and called off opening night...

Tonight, then?
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